The Mothership

In November I was asked to go to Austria to get some photos of the grand opening of ‘The Mothership’, the new Capita Snowboards factory. I thought about it for roughly 3 seconds before I said yes…

The Mothership is a state of the art facility that runs on green power and creates zero emissions. There is a really good video explaining all of the technical stuff here. The most impressive thing was that they bring in cold water from the river and somehow it provides all of the heat for the manufacturing process! Also all of the wood shavings left over from the milling process get compressed in to pucks that the town then uses in the pellet stoves to heat their homes. A lot of great ideas went in there, and the snowboards coming out are really good as well.

The trip was amazing, but pretty short. We went up to a glacier one day to snowboard, but it was foggy and there was very little snow. I went to a few meetings where they introduced next years lineup of snowboards to the sales reps from various countries, and we went as a group of 150 people through tiny villages for meals. It was quite a sight.

On the Saturday night the whole town was invited for the grand opening, and they all showed up. About 700 people in the warehouse for dinner and drinks! There was even a polka band…

On our way home the next day we spent the night in Venice Italy. That was a treat! Although we only arrived as the sun was going down, we still saw a bit of the city, and it made me want to go back.

Thanks again to Capita for taking me on this trip!


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