First Backflip on a yeti

Brett Turcotte

Brett Turcotte gearing up
Brett having a good time as he gets ready to go out and do a worlds first!

So I drove out to Clearwater, BC last week to shoot Brett Turcotte do the first backflip on a Yeti MX Snow. Basically a Motocross bike with a front ski and a snowmobile track instead of wheels…
It wasn’t that big of a deal for Brett because he can already do a backflip on a snowmobile, motorbike, mountain bike, and whatever else there is. But it was a pretty big deal to be the first one ever to do it!
We had to keep it under wraps as we were getting close to it, so that nobody else would try to do it before him and steal his thunder.
After we finished building the jump, we had to wait around most of the day for a break in the weather. Near the end of the day it didn’t look like it was going to clear up, so he went for it anyway. After about 5 tries he got the bike around and landed it!

One of Brett's first tries
Brett actually let the bike go right after this frame…
Brett Turcotte very happy and his friends cheer him on after he completes the world's first backflip on a Yeti
Pretty happy about his accomplishment!

All in all another successful trip:)

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