SnowWater Lodge

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Patric like fireworks

We went back to SnowWater Lodge last week, and as usual it was amazing!! The snow on the coast had warmed up and blown away, but in the Kootenays it was still dry and deep. Patric and Maria are the best hosts ever, and their staff are killer. Looking forward to going back!!!

When you make a mistake during your stay, you have to drink one of these (151, Jack, Tequila, Egg, Absinthe up your nose...)
Patric Maloney, logger, heli guide, sommelier, male model, etc.
Our pilot Paul put us in some tight spots!

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  1. Here’s Short’s POV from that trip on ESPN. Dalbs:

    Sick photos, as per. Let’s do a trip next year and spend less time in the hotel w/ jet lag/AK vampire syndrome. Word?

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