Freestyle Snowmobile demo

NAIT Campus, Edmonton

Monster Energy held a freestyle snowmobile demo at the NAIT Campus and I went to take some photos of Brett Turcotte and Heath Frisby throwing their sleds around. There is no snow in Edmonton at the moment, so it felt a little weird. They brought in a big mobile ramp and landing on trailers, and lined them up in front of the campus bar ‘The Nest’. With special skis with wheels on, and a long green carpet for traction, the snowmobiles could get around just like they were on snow. Snowmobiles are cooled down by the snow hitting the coolant running through the back of the tunnel, so when they ride on concrete like this they can only run for a few minutes before the engine overheats. This means they can only hit the jump about 5 times each per session, with 2 sessions and 2 riders, I had about 20 chances to get the shot! It makes me kind of nervous when Monster flies me out to these events and I really only have about half an hour to make it look good!┬áIt was a nice sunny day, but the buildings completely blocked the sun, so I was really happy I brought my flash gear!


Snowmobile backflip
Not something you see everyday
Snowmobile whip in the city
Brett Turcotte does one of the best whips on a snowmobile
Athlete interview
Brett Turcotte getting interviewed by the announcer
Freestyle snowmobile demo set up
Brett Turcotte and Heath Frisby’s snowmobiles ready for action
Snowmobilers getting ready to hit the ramp again
Brett Turcotte and Heath Frisby
Brett Turcotte and Heath Frisby group photo
Brett Turcotte and Heath Frisby


See the full gallery here on Monster Energy’s website

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