May 2016

May turned out to be really busy, so I wasn’t even able to post any photos! Here are some of my favorites from the month. As you can see I spent a bit of time driving back and forth to Kamloops!


motocross racer Mike Alessi
Mike Alessi in Kamloops
FMX rider Kris Foster whip
Kris Foster shooting for his XGames realmoto part near Kamloops
mountain biker Graham Agassiz hit a massive jump at the Kamloops Bike Ranch
Graham Agassiz hosting Aggy’s Reunion in Kamloops, BC
coastal birds
Black Oystercatchers in Tofino
hiker in the rainforest
Jay walking in Tofino
sunset over the sea in Tofino
Sunset, Tofino

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  1. Janet Dalby

    Nice! Looking forward to June 🙂

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